Everything is done electronically to eliminate double entry and there are checks in place to     ensure that every question is answered according to your specifications.

    Accuracy and Professionalism are important to us so we record every call made along with        constant monitoring of calls throughout the day.  Our staff is evaluated every two weeks on     their performance, with an emphasis on their accuracy.


We won't take days or weeks to respond to your request.  Team TelCom will work to get a quote out as soon as possible.  We promise to  do our best to make room for your project so  when you need it- it is ready. Nightly reports will be sent to keep you updated on the progress of your project.  Our script development system, combined with our automatic reports, has reduced turn around time on a medium sized poll from over a week to just a few days.


Team TelCom will provide nightly reports allowing you, our client, early information on key questions, and the peace of mind your project is being completed.

We are capable of producing many different types of reports, or output.

Team TelCom will work with you to develop and produce a report or output that will work best for you and your clients.

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